Push E-Stores

Your Promotional Products Partner in Canada

Need to be able to sell your branded merchandise online, quickly and reliably to your staff or the general public? Or maybe you need to distribute items to your people across the country in a variety of office locations? One of our best kept secrets as that we can get you up and running with your own eStore faster than think. The best part is that we do all the heavy lifting, ensuring your customers/users are as satisfied as you’re going to be.

Advantages of Push Promo Apparel’s E-store

  • It is Extremely Easy for selected employees to manage their own purchase while under Management oversight ensuring budget is in control (dollar or point system)
  • Employees can shop from the privacy of their own home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Full privacy and online security for credit and debit cards – Push Promo and Management do not see any financial payment information
  • All apparel can have it’s own sizing charts ensuring correct fit without the time required for a fitting process
  • Gives management access to a comprehensive list of reports
  • It reduces stress and the time associated with uniform selection.
  • Full and complete support of Push Promo Customer Service for all employees and management

Offers your company and or team management the ability to:

  • Configure who can order specific items and quantity of those items based upon job title
  • Managers or supervisors can order on behalf of employees
  • Configure who can approve orders by supervisor or manager as part of E-Store process
  • Control when items will be available (yearly or bi-yearly)
  • Have supervisors or managers set-up new employees, deactivate old employees and reset passwords
  • Let employees have to opportunity to purchase items above allotment at their cost

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